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New Backgrounds

(Pages show backgrounds tiled and the assorted colors available on the same page.)

Magical sparkly stars on black (also matching animated star images)
Dark, soft starry smudgy look
Sort of formal looking embossed look in mostly pastels
Twisty pastel patterns
Cool feathery treelike pattern in dark rich colors
Same as above in pastel colors
Light colors with cut out star patterns
Misty swirly pattern in light colors

Backgrounds by design

(These pages show backgrounds tiled and the assorted colors available on the same page.)

circlestar backgrounds
daisy backgrounds
mysterystar backgrounds
leafyflowers backgrounds
embossed links backgrounds
four star backgrounds
embossed web backgrounds

Backgrounds by color

(These pages show many background tiles in similar colors [they ARE seamless] but the tiled affect is not shown on each page)

aqua backgrounds
blue backgrounds
brown backgrounds
cream backgrounds
green backgrounds
grey backgrounds
orange/peach backgrounds
pink backgrounds
purple backgrounds
red/yellow backgrounds
white backgrounds
jewel tone backgrounds
starry backgrounds

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